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This is zoom #1 going over chapters 1-2!

Come back to this zoom guys when you start your salon so you can remember everything!

The girl below does Funding


Chundra Rambert

This is the ebook we'll be going by guys. zoom 6:30 & will be recorded

Salon suites book
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Chundra Rambert

Hey girls! 🩷 Yall ready to learn how to open up your own salon?!!! I'm so thankful you guys joined and trust me enough to learn from me. The ebook is automatically included, we're going to basically be a "book" club. I'm going to go chapter by chapter over the next 3 weeks in detail so you guys can fully understand how to build a salon successfully!

Drop below your name, where you're from, and your "dream" salon goals.

Are you guys available today around 6:30 for a quick zoom?

Aden Yilma
Chundra Rambert
Chundra Rambert
3 hours ago

Yes I’m available and looking forward to meeting everybody. I’m from Atlanta Ga.



Hi guys! Thank you for trusting and joining my mentorship! I...


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