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  • How long does glueless wigs last and what is the difference?
    All wigs are glueless until you apply glue on for your install. An install with glue will be installed using Ghost Bond glue. This typically last 2-4 weeks depending on personal care. Glueless wigs are wigs that are installed using hairspray and an elastic band. There is no time on how long they can stay on. It is your decison on whether you may want to take your wig on and off everyday.
  • What's the after care for my bundles and install?
    Please place your Mane Topic edge wrap around your lace to prevent from lifting. Use a bonnet to place your bundles in while you rest. Additional aftercare instructions will be told during appointment.
  • Is hair included in installs?
    Not for every service. However, there is package deal that involves hair and an install at a discounted price. Book today at
  • What textures do you have?
    The Mane Topics have six different Virgin Vietnamese textures to choose from. - Straight - Wavy - Body wave - Island Wave - So Curly - Platinum Collection
  • How long is shipping?
    Shipping can take between 5-8 days to recieve your order.
  • What is the difference between the BOOKED & BUSY COURSE vs 1on1 CLASS?
    The BOOKED & BUSY COURSE is a course for any entrepreneur in the beauty industry that wants to increase their income for their business. This course is a guide to help you turn your hustle to into a 6 FIGURE career. You will be placed in a group of other BOSS BABES where you will be able to connect. Not only do we discuss how to grow your business financially, but we discuss how to enhance your business mentally as well. This course includes vendors, a webinar, e-booklet, and more. This course has 24/7 access to view all information. 1on1 FRONTAL CLASS is for hairstylist who want to refresh their work or learn how to install a frontal. This is a hands on lesson between the student and I. I can see exactly where they need to improve and I will teach you how. This comes with tweezers, stocking cap, & an e-booklet.
    THIS IS A LIFETIME ACCESS CLASS! ALL information will be avaliable 24/7 with just one click.
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